Encouraging Musicians

The people that inspire us (in particular Jeff!)

🎵 Cally Loughlin: The Neighborhood Prodigy 🎵

I first saw Cally during the pandemic. Her videos are really clever and for people of all ages. What you see it what you get, she is authentic, fun and really talented. I am one of her supporters on Patreon and  a You Tube Channel member. She motivates me to stay engaged with music and practice every week. I think she was the first person to get me to realize I should just try to share this idea of improving performance on social media.

🌐 Cally’s Clarinet Channel

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🎧 Ixi Chen and Tiffany Valvo: The Digital Dynamos 🎼

Ixi Chen and Tiffany Valvo are the real dynamos in the digital world. They are revolutionizing the clarinet world with their Digital Clarinet Academy. I love clarinet but my hands limit my ability to play. Ixi and Tiffany are  inspiring. They also have  developed an amazing endeavor called Music 360 with Ted Nelson and collaborators like Nick Photinos. I have taken classes on how to select a college, many clarinet items, a Music Portfolio(2X) and an Entrepreneurship course that talked about what was needed to take on the modern workplace. The downloads and videos provided are top-notch and very engaging. We cannot recommend them enough. Tiffany has since moved on to another great endeavor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, but I am forever grateful to the team of Ixi and Tiffany for linking me to so many great things with DCA and Music 360..

🌐 Digital Clarinet AcademyWebsite

🎵 Music 360Learn More

🎵 Heidi Kay Begay: The Encourager 🎶

Heidi Kay Begay is as encouraging as they come. My hand injury precludes me from playing flute, but not listening to her with her platforms like Flute 360 and The Pivoting Musician with Garret Hope. My life is so full of Flute now!!! I learned about her when she guested on Kelly Riordan’s podcast. I took Heidi  up on a time to call and talk about what was next with what I wanted to do with my music . I enjoyed her so much that I bought a package with her and her husband Eric’s Redhouse Productions, also a podcast, to try to figure out this podcasting a bit. (I mostly wanted to support them and learn more but sure enough have initiated a show. )

🌐 Heidi Kay Begay

🎧 Pivoting Musician

🎙 Redhouse Productions

🎸 Kelly Riordan: The Music Studio Maven 📚

Kelly Riordan has an “it” factor. Her husband Isak and her have a company that specializes in helping private teachers build studios. I saw her on Instagram first and was hooked. She offered a free talk to see a how she could help. She offered helps and tools, but knew she didn’t focus on exactly what I envisioned. She really encouraged me though. I am so grateful for her refreshing take on being a Music studio owner. Wow, her case studies on her website are incredible. You can learn so much by watching them at Outside the Bachs.

🌐 Outside The Bachs

🎷 Wally Wallace: The Friendly Expert 🎷

Wally Wallace is an Army Veteran and Saxophonist that just makes me laugh and have fun with music. He  has a saxophone academy  and a great You tube channel and a podcast with the sister-in-law of my old Northwestern saxophone quartet mate John Engebretson, Susan Fancher. To top it off, he has a new product for his podcast listeners of a collection of free works by Jenni Watson called Enveloped…and she is a too cool for school composer I really enjoy. 

🌐The Saxophone Academy

🎵🎶Beta Flute Quartet: The Stage Sensations 🎵

This quartet consisting of Meg Brennan, Efthia Arkodis, Tatiana Cassetta, and Alyssa Schwartz is simply incomparable when it comes to talent and education. 🎓The Beta Flute Quartet is so musical and so much fun to watch on stage. The quartet consists of Meg Brennan, Efthia Arkoudis, Tatiana Cassetta, and Alyssa Schwartz.  It would be hard to match their talent and education credentials anywhere. 

I was fortunate to learn about Meg  because of her Saxophone improvisation skills. She had me at her passion for Sonny Rollins. It turned out my colleague Alyssa, what a player!, was in the group  and they were practicing just down the street from me on Megs Instagram post!!!! and then I met the wonderfully the joyous  Efthia ( I can still out talk her) and finally Tatiana. I met her directing me to my seat of a show( what a great way to receive guests!!!) I have been so fortunate to attend a live show, ICU Compassion Concert and  purchase their latest recording, Tesserae

🌐 Beta Quartet

🎵 Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet: The Perfect Blend 🥜🍇

The Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet with Nora Shaffer, Joe  Sanchez, Erin Meisner, and Cally Loughlin is like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together. 

I am a homer for this group. I was introduced to them by Cally and they have truly grown together as a group over all these years in Chicago. You will see then on Youtube or they may post something clever on Instagram. Part of what makes them special is their  personality match. It is also Erin’s fantastic arrangements. I am glad to support them for their upcoming recording and be considered an Official “Laird of the Lake Effect”.

🌐 Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet

🎵 Kristen Denny-Chambers: The Innovator 🎶

Kristen’s etudes and pieces are changing the way we teach and learn the clarinet. 📚

Kristen Denny is a breath of fresh air for all things clarinet. I discovered her randomly when exploring pieces for a student, Skylar. I she had an amazing unaccompanied piece called Cortejo de Aves that was so striking. We immediately bought it and started a relationship with her.  Who knew that she was so known in the Clarinet world. Her etudes redefine dusty teaching techniques and make learning so much fun. Her works can be used to help grow on the instrument and concurrently program for live performances. Her inclusive website is a joy to navigate with all the awesome art and great content. We have bought every piece multiple times over and tried to share with others.  

🌐 Clarinet Playground

🎼Jenni Watson – The Sonic Architect 🎶

Jenni Watson is a true gem. Another discovery when looking for things for my student Luke. Her work from a new friend has been said to sustain the saxophone community during covid with her #LocktheSaxDown series. We have tried to buy a good bit of her works and recordings and started to share with others. But, wow, has she been embraced by so many amazing musicians around the world. I personally love how she layers in textures. Her palette is so broad and yet so nimble. I have been fortunate to be a part of her Adjusting Parameters consortium with Erin Royer( Lead ) and have a few other things in the works with her. The funny things is I talked to her about creating something special like a Jenni’s “Ferling” book that could have useable tuneful etudes for saxophone. but it was identical in scope to what Wally had already commissioned with the above Enveloped.

🌐 Jenni’s Website

🛠️ Mike Hollis: The Maestro of Musical Mechanics 🎻

Every musician understands that an exceptional repair technician is the lifeblood of their performance. I’ve had the great fortune of working with Mike Hollis since my retirement in 2016. Personable, engaging, and an elite repair technician, Mike has been my go-to for overhauling my flute, five clarinets, and at least 5 saxophones and he even has more clarinets and saxophones lined up in his queue. He is the technician everyone turns to, not just for his extraordinary technical expertise but also for his ability to think outside the box. From identifying issues to plating instruments, creating customizations, applying new lacquer, or bringing a discarded musical instrument back to life, Mike’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. He’s more than a technician; he’s a catalyst for my musical journey, always bubbling with fresh perspectives and invaluable advice that helps me continue along my musical path.

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