About Intentional Musicianship and Jeff

Intentional Musicianship LLC

In 2023, Jeff Price founded Intentional Musicianship LLC to address gaps in musical instruction and live performance practice.

Jeff’s journey with Intentional Musicianship began after the closure of the music major at Fairmont State University. Realizing the need for improved performance training, he drew on his experiences from the Army music program, which excels in live music production and storytelling. Intentional Musicianship serves musicians of all levels—from band directors and educators to aspiring professionals and garage bands—using an “andragogical” approach to build on a performers existing experiences and skills. This adult learning model allows musicians to come as they are, leveraging their experiences to further develop their performance capabilities and audience connection.

Intentional Musicianship’s primary medium for reaching the audience is the podcast, covering various topics related to improving live musical performance and audience engagement. Through this platform, Jeff shares his insights on breaking the fourth wall, crafting compelling narratives, overcoming performance anxiety, and dealing with the challenges and opportunities of different genres, cultures, and venues. The overall focus is on effective live performance, stagecraft, showmanship, and audience engagement.

His aim is to grow the Intentional Musicianship community organically, build partnerships, and continuously provide valuable services to the musical community.

Striking a Chord in Music and Setting the Tempo in HR

Jeff Price standing against a stone backdrop smiling with a blue blazer, minute man pin, red polo,shirt, t-white shirt

Jeff Price is originally from Morgantown, West Virginia. He has carved out dual careers in the dynamic fields of music and human resource management. He has a peppy personality and really nerds out on all things Music and Human Resources related. He is an extreme extrovert (think Boston Terrier) and loves to brainstorm and possibility think. He can be found with a smile on his face, is typically humming a song, and always has a spring in his step. Here are some of Jeff’s past career highlights:

🎶 Musical Excellence:

  • Experienced performer as a Conductor, Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Flutist, Vocalist, and Bagpipes with a performance and live musical production count well over 3,000 performances
  • Adjunct Professor of Music at Fairmont State University since 2017
  • Served with multiple esteemed Army musical units: US Army Field Band, Army School Music, 323d Army Band, 9th Army Band, and 1st Infantry Division Band (20+ years)
  • Showcased soloist skills at three US Navy Band Saxophone Symposiums and multiple North American Saxophone Alliance conventions
  • Featured saxophone soloist with “Musical Ambassadors of the Army,” The US Army Field Band, and the recording project “Legacy”
  • Engaged audiences in 49 states and multiple countries, including Canada, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Norway, and Saudi Arabia

💼 HR & Professional Distinction:

🎓 Educational Milestone’s

🤝 Memberships & Affiliations:

Feel free to connect if you’re interested in advancing your career in music or HR. You can find more resources and insights on this website.