Welcome to Intentional Musicianship LLC

Hello fellow musicians!

We’re delighted to welcome you to our digital home—your hub for elevating your music to art that truly connects. We are not currently experts in social media creation, as our niche is making sure everything from center stage connects with your audience. We enjoy the production side of your performances. I am using the term “We” because another podcaster, Arthur Breuer from The Melodology Project, told a few of us in a call for podcasters in a special Red House Productions encouragement meeting that even a solo business endeavor has so many helpers and third party support behind the scenes to get things done so that you and I can connect with each other. I loved that sentiment.

Navigating Our Space

The main information we wanted to get up as we developed this site are the navigation links along the top tabs so you can get to our podcasts that are distributed through Libsyn. We also have the links to our other social media. Like every new business, we have starter pages on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Pages that will be built out. In essence, this website just consolidates where to find our information.

Let’s Connect

Ready for a one-on-one? Schedule a no-strings-attached chat through Calendly via Zoom. This is our chance to nerd out on music, explore how our approach resonates with you, and how we might collaborate to amplify your artistic ROI—be it community engagement, mailing list growth, or merchandise sales.

Shoutout to the Encouragers

Even in the development of this business, I was so happy for the freely given help by Musicians that have been brave and jumped into this social media business realm. I know I am great at watching content, but creating it is a new venture. The willingness of established folks like Cally Laughlin, Kelly Riordan, Ixi Chen, Tiffany Valvo, Heidi Begay, and Eric Begay to brainstorm and talk was the encouragement needed for me to move forward with this idea for this show and business.

Your Next Act

Should you feel that our initial discussions strike a chord, we’re all ears for crafting a paid customized, audience-engaging solution just for you. No pressure—our ultimate aim is to dish out as much actionable, transformative content as possible for everyone.


At the heart of it all, we’re here to build a community—an “ensemble” of musicians passionate about creating more than sound, but an experience. If a tidbit from us sparks an idea or fuels your passion, that will make this endeavor worthwhile. Thank you for making us a part of your musical journey. It is like the old Kool-aid man commercials: Let’s break some fourth walls together so we can help you grow gathered spectators into committed fans.

With respect and excitement,