Welcome to Intentional Musicianship LLC

“And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: Elevate Your Musical Journey Beyond the Fourth Wall”

What We’re About

I’m Jeff Price. Have you ever attended a live music event that was so captivating, you felt an unbreakable bond of unity and shared purpose? Just as communities come together to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, we aim to help you dissolve the invisible walls between you and your audience. Whether you’re on stage or planning to be, Intentional Musicianship is your hub for transforming musical performances into unforgettable experiences of community and connection.

Our Offerings

🎙 Podcast

Deep-diving brainstorming sessions to improve your performances, stagecraft and storytelling.

Intentional Musicianship is distributed to all major platforms from Libsyn

💬 Online Conversations

Personalized discussions to address your challenges and goals in music performance, storytelling, and audience engagement.

📹 Video Reviews

Comprehensive video analyses of your performances, providing actionable insights for improvement.

🏫 School Consultations: “Elevate Your Ensembles”

Specialized consultation services for schools to prepare for ensemble festivals, concerts, and performances. Offered both virtually and in-person after an initial consultation.

🎼 Studio Teacher Enhancement: “Amplify Your Recitals”

Custom consultation services for private studio teachers, aimed at refining the performance elements of their student recitals. A great way to supplement your existing instruction and take your student experiences to the next level.

🤝 1-on-1 Consultations

Looking for personalized guidance? Check our Calendly for Zoom consultations to deep dive into your specific needs and challenges.

The first step for everyone is a Free Meet and Greet Zoom call.

Paid services are only available to Musicians after the Free Meet and Greet Zoom call. This is because I want to make sure we are good fit and I can assist you effectively. I will not take money if we know this is not a good fit.  I don’t do hard sell tactics.

What You’ll Gain

  • Authentic Audience Engagement: Learn how to captivate and connect with genuine rapport.
  • Crafting Musical Narratives: Master the art of storytelling through your performances.
  • Technical & Emotional Proficiency: Balance skill with genuine emotion to elevate your craft.
  • Beyond the Stage Rewards: Leverage your musical talents for community impact, robust fundraising, and expanding your fan base.

Get Involved

We invite musicians of all levels to be part of our dynamic community( a true work in progress). Soon enough, you’ll find brainstorming sessions, how-to guides, and courses designed to break down performance barriers, both mental and physical.

Ready to Transform Your Performances?

We aim to turn your spectators into lifelong fans by creating resonant, memorable experiences. Are you ready to bring down the walls and connect?

🎵 Start your journey with Intentional Musicianship today.